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Vietnamese War Poster

Hand-painted Propaganda Images

For a period from the middle of the Vietnam War until after its conclusion (1970–1979), to enhance anti-American sentiment amongst the north Vietnamese, a huge number of propaganda posters were printed. Many of the original drawings were made by students or graduates of Hanoi College of Fine Arts (present-day Vietnam University of Fine Arts). With resources in short supply, artists received paper (each sheet 50x70cm) and paints from the government in order to produce the posters. While subject matter differed during and after the war, as with other socialist countries, scenes of female soldiers, and mothers taking up arms and fighting were common themes. Even when bearing in mind that the posters are works of propaganda, the sense of determination to achieve the dream of fighting for the motherland against U.S., and overwhelming joy at the end of the war appears palpable.

Nguyen Nhi Giao "Gain Victory as We've Done at Dien Bien Phu." 1972 watercolor on paper

Pham Minh Tri "Regain Eternal Spring for the People" 1975 watercolor on paper

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