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The Artists Village

Platform of Experimental Art in Singapore

The Artists Village (TAV) is an art group in Singapore. It was formed when Tang Da Wu returned from his study in the UK in 1988 and rented the chicken farm in Lorong Gambas, subsequently turning it into a space for exhibitions, performances, and discussions with other young artists. In 1990, they lost this space due to a redevelopment project in the area and moved to other places. After officially registering as an art organization in 1992, they developed various exhibitions, festivals, events, and research projects, and were invited to international exhibitions in Europe and Asia. They were the first group to try out full-scale installations and performances in Singapore and left a great legacy in contemporary art in Singapore, providing artists with a place for experimentation. In 2008, the Singapore Art Museum held a retrospective exhibition of TAV’s 20-year activities. TAV’s documentations were introduced internationally by Koh Nguang How, and their activities produced internationally acclaimed artists, including Lee Wen, Amanda Heng, and Zai Kuning, as well as artists who run art spaces or conduct art projects. As of June 2022, about 19 members are involved in TAV, which shows that the TAV’s legacy is still alive in Singapore.

TAV Brochure 1, Courtesy of Koh Nguang How

TAV Brochure 2, Courtesy of Koh Nguang How

Performance by Tang Da Wu, “In the End My Mother Decided to Eat Cat and Dog Food,” The Time Show, Dec. 31, 1989, Lorong Gambas, Photograph by Koh Nguang How

Poetry reading by Lee Wen, The Time Show, Jan 1, 1989, Lorong Gambas, Photograph by Koh Nguang How

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